Optimization of our seo agency

The term “optimization” (or search engine optimization, often abbreviated as SEO) indicates a collection of activities aimed at improving the position of a web page in the results provided by a search engine. Web site optimisation activities are performed by all constituent components: URL, layout, graphics, mark-up, content, interaction technologies. Indeed, in the case of large or particularly complex sites, depending on the components in question, the SEO operative maintains close contact with the work team, requiring professional skills rarely found in any one person.


Search engine marketing includes the collection of marketing activities for pursuing defined search engine objectives; both improving the visibility of a website among the organic positioning results, and acquiring sponsored links or implementing both strategies or other related strategies, such as advertising campaigns on pay per click circuits, in combination.
Search engine marketing also refers to the professional activities of consultants conducting search engine optimization projects on their client’s sites or planning keyword advertising campaigns.

Strategy of our seo agency

1) Page optimisation
2) Image optimisation
3) Content optimisation
4) Competition link monitoring
5) Analyse the competition

1) Even though Google and other search engines tend to assign increasingly less importance to link exchange, we attempt to analyse it in any case.

2) Some tools, such as “Search Status”, a Firefox browser extension helping us better understand which site or portal to request any link exchanges, are available on the internet and may be downloaded from:

3) To a certain degree, this extension provides an immediate confirmation of the validity or otherwise of any link exchanges, making it possible to instantly analyse the competition and assess how many links are received from the internet and from whom, and with what page ranking, and optionally propose a free link exchange or “paid” link exchange, if convenient in terms of page ranking. Check that even though the page content might have an “attractive” page ranking, it is not located within an iframe that may have a page ranking of 0/10.

Objective of our seo agency

Our choice to operate without an office (in the spirit of liberty, obviously) is not only a question of freedom, but is also the only way to be constantly close to the client whenever needed, at any time of the day.