Everything You Need To Know About Twitter

You’ll always find new social media websites entering the World Wide Web. Twitter isn’t any different from these. Similar to all the other social media websites, it is a community where “friends” can let each other know what is going on in their lives and what they are doing. You can share as many small and intimate details about your life as you want and change the information provided at any time. You can share whatever crosses your mind, but you must do so in 140 characters or less. Keep your messages short, sweet and snappy while packing as much information in them as possible.

Firstly, you need to get a Twitter account right away if you don’t have one. It’s a necessity in driving traffic. It’s absolutely free to sign up and gives you the option to search through your email to find out if you already have any existing friends/colleagues/contacts on Twitter. As soon as you sign up, you can start using your account and get it ready by uploading a photo (of you or your company’s logo) and add a link to your website/blog on your profile. Unlike other social networking sites out there Twitter is only for ‘micro-blogging’, this means you can not save photo albums or the like on it. You can however upload some pictures to share with your Twitter contacts, this can be done by cell phone, through your PC or other mobile methods. Once you have a Twitter account, you’re now ready to follow different people. People you follow are simply people you have subscribed to, you will be shown all of their updates. If one of the people you are following tweets, you can see it on your profile page righ then. Below the profile photos there is a button that you can click on that will allow you to follow them. Following people is a great way to get followers of your own, most people will follow people who follow them.

To make things a little more automated, you can take advantage of sites like Twitterfeed to connect your RSS feed to your Twitter account. This type of site automatically updates your Twitter account any time you update your RSS feed. This is the perfect way to ensure you never forget to Tweet. But remember, too many post tweets in too short a time — especially if you’ve nothing else to say in between — will get you labeled a spammer and you’ll lose followers and creditability. Try to mix some more organic tweets with your feed updates. If you want good, targeted traffic that converts using Twitter effectively is just like striking gold. But it does take some time and effort to really see big results with it. With this in mind, take the time to be consistent and update your account on a regular basis. It will not take too long before you start to build a gathering and start seeing traffic to your site.

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