About us

Fonded 4 years ago by Maurizio Lecce, this company has always been about one thing and one thing only – achieving the best application for Vation Rental !

With timing and affordable pricing, on par with solid Quality Assurance and project management being our front and center priorities, we’ve always had great relationships with all of our clients!

Why We’re the Best?

Custom Solutions

Developing a web project or an application can stumble into lots of stops and shortcomings along the way. However, this means, that it’s then when the most skillful coding team manages to handle the issue and make it work. We are proud to be such a team!

Speedy Workflow

We personally know a lot of competing companies, where the customization style is never cherished. We cannot emphasize enough how much different our approach with our customers!

Thorough Testing

With the QA & we’re can assure you of the end-quality of our product. This means that regardless of either the scale or the complexity of the task at hand, we’re ready to make it faultless!

Do you have experience in being a part of Magarental team ? If the answer is yes, then you’re welcome to send us your CV!